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Waterfront Director

  • 23 May 2019 8:41 AM
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    Waterfront Coordinator

    Job Title:

    Waterfront Coordinator

    Job Duration:

    June 17, 2019 to August 25, 2019

    Job Hours:

    Full-time / Resident Camp Hours

    Reports To:

    Summer Camp and Outdoor Education Director

    Job Purpose

    The Waterfront Director provides the expertise, experience and skills required for the operation, supervision and safety of the waterfront. The Waterfront Director will work with the Program, Wellness, Counselor and Belcarra Coordinators to provide support in the day-to-day operation and management of camp.

    As a Summer Camp, Sasamat prides itself on its engaging and supportive community where children are made to feel included in the camp culture. The supportive nature of the camp allows for campers to try new activities and develop new skills with the help of caring staff members. Sasamat summer camp and Outdoor Centre is located in beautiful British Columbia.

    General Responsibilities

    1.     Manage all program and waterfront instructor operations at the waterfront. Ensuring high level of programming and safety at all time.

    2.     In collaboration with the Summer Camp and Outdoor Education Director and the Associate Coordinators:

    • Plan and deliver required staff training components
    • Pro-actively identify and solve problems and areas of concern for staff, campers and volunteers

    3.     In collaboration with the Associate Coordinators:

    • Actively participate in planning and delivering summer staff training
    • Greet and welcome all campers, staff and volunteers each day at the waterfront
    • Relieve counselors as required in evenings
    • Remain visible and accessible to staff and campers
    • Contribute to weekly staff meetings re: leadership, camper concerns, volunteer- support etc.

    3.     Meet daily with Associate Coordinators and Summer Camp and Outdoor Education Director to discuss and evaluate the success of camping programs

    4.     Adhere to and support all camp policies and procedures as detailed in the Staff Manual

    5.     Report all accidents/incidents to the Executive Director/Summer Camp and Outdoor Education Director

    6.     Maintain high levels of staff morale and conduct by providing mentorship and support to staff and volunteers

    Duties and Responsibilities

    Staff Training

    • In collaboration with the Coordinators, plan and deliver required staff training components to Group Leaders
    • To participate in 100% of pre-season staff training
    • To know and practice the information covered in the "Policies & Procedures" section of manual.  (Failure to comply could result in discipline including dismissal.)
    • To submit a detailed medical, application, criminal record search forms and employee agreement to the Summer Camp and Outdoor Education Director no later than June 24.

    Supervision and Direction

    • Provide leadership and role modeling to staff
    • Provide leadership in case of waterfront emergencies
    • Supervise program staff designated to the waterfront (lifeguards, canoe instructors, program staff)
    • Manage weekly schedules
    • Conduct one-on-one staff appraisals (in attendance with Summer Camp and Outdoor Education Director) and provide written evaluations
    • In collaboration with Wellness Coordinator, coordinate volunteer schedules and conduct volunteer appraisals
    • Consult with parents when required
    • Protect the assets of Sasamat Outdoor Centre through proper instruction and use. Specifically, the Waterfront Director will ensure all boats and equipment are maintained, clean, and in good working order
    • Provide a written end-of-season report detailing specific observations, general recommendations and an inventory of waterfront equipment

    Risk Management

    • Implement and maintain risk management systems in keeping with camping industry best practices and provincial regulations
    • Conduct a daily inspection of waterfront emergency equipment to ensure all is in place and good order
    • Conduct a daily inspection of waterfront area to ensure it is free of hazards
    • Ensure Sasamat Outdoor Centre waterfront policies are being followed

    Program Development

    • To develop early morning “Polar Bear” dip option for campers
    • To develop evening residential camper swim programs

    Camper Group Leadership

    • Act as Lifeguard

    Other Duties

    • The Waterfront Director may be asked to assist in duties not listed above. Sasamat Outdoor Centre expects the support of all staff members in fulfilling objectives that may not be specific to this position



    • Post secondary education

    Specialized Knowledge and Certification

    • Current Standard First Aid and CPR-C
    • Current NLS (National Lifeguarding Service Pool) + NLS (National Lifeguarding Service Waterpark), WSI (Water Safety Instructor) and LSI (Life Saving Instructor) certification
    • Small Boat Operators’ certification
    • Current RCA BC Advanced Solo/Tandem Canoe certification
    • Leadership experience in planning, implementing, and coordination of recreational camp programs for school age children

    Additional qualifications considered an asset

    • NLS (Waterfront)
    • Valid Class 4 driver’s license


    • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
    • Ability to work independently, exercise initiative, and communicate effectively with supervisor
    • Strong organizational ability
    • Supervisory and management skill and experience
    • Ability to work with a wide variety of ages and demographic groups
    • Ability to take charge and motivate others
    • Ability to supervise peers of a close age
    • Ability to observe and assess camper behavior, enforce safety regulations and emergency procedures, and apply appropriate behavior-management techniques
    • Enthusiasm, sense of humour, patience, self-control


    • Prior experience in a pool or camp waterfront setting
    • Prior canoeing or kayaking experience

    Working Conditions

    • Requires working in an outdoor environment in all weather conditions
    • May require working with difficult clients
    • May require some weekend work

    Physical Requirements

    • Physical ability to provide rescue to swimmers and boaters in emergency situations

    Direct and Indirect Reports

    • 2-3 Lifeguards

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