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Spring and Summer Weekend Day Camp: Program instructor

  • 07 Apr 2021 4:00 PM
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    Weekend: Day Camp Counsellor / Program instructor


    Job Title:

    Weekend Day Camp Counsellor / Program Instructor

    Job Duration:

    May 8th 2021 – September 25th, 2021

    Training: May 1-2, 2021

    Job Hours:

    Part Time / Weekend / 5 month contract

    Reports To:

    Summer Camp and Outdoor Education Centre Director


    Job Purpose

    As a summer camp and Outdoor Education Centre, Sasamat prides itself on creating an engaging and supportive community where children are made to feel included in the camp culture. The supportive nature of the camp allows for campers, families, and participants to try new activities and develop new skills with the help of caring staff members. Sasamat’s summer camp and Outdoor Centre is located in beautiful British Columbia.

    Camp Counselors and program instructors make up the majority of the Sasamat staff team throughout the year, and are the heart of the Sasamat experience for our campers and participants. Weekend program instructors spend their weekends, Saturday and Sunday, with their campers or participants; providing leadership and care in a wide variety of camp activities and skill areas. Sasamat’s weekend programs span over a 5-month period offering campers and participants a chance to experience out Trailblazers day camp, Family Camps, and rental group programs. Weekend program staff will have an opportunity to lead a variety of activities and programs with different participants and structures across the three programs styles.

    Skills of a strong counsellor are enthusiasm, creative programming, independence, genuine care for others and strong work ethic. All camp counselors should be prepared to support camp as a whole and be prepared to share duties of other areas of camp when needed.


    Important Note

    ·       For more information about Sasamat Outdoor Centre, Visit our website:

    ·       Want to apply for a job with us? All staff applications must be through our website here

    We will not respond through any job hosting websites or forums and will only reach out to qualifying applicants who have applied through our website for interviews. Thank you

    Salary: $15.30 / hour

    Duties and Responsibilities

    Staff Training

    ·       To participate in 100% of pre-season staff training at camp and online (May 3-4th, 2021)

    ·       To read, know and practice the information covered in the "Policies & Procedures" section of manual.  (Failure to comply with this information could result in discipline including dismissal.)

    ·       To submit a detailed medical, application, criminal record search forms and employee agreement to the Summer Camp and Outdoor Education Director no later than May 3rd, 2021.

    Camper Group Leadership

    ·       To be responsible for the safety and well-being of the children, assigned to you by the Administrative Coordinator. This includes administering first aid and completing first aid/near miss reports.

    ·       To follow program guidelines for your group using the resources of the camp and the outdoor environment. This includes COVID-19 risk management, policies and procedures.

    ·       To encourage the development of each camper in your group and to stimulate the campers' social development as members of a group.

    ·       To introduce and stimulate your group's awareness of the outdoors and to encourage sound environmental practices in the use of outdoor facilities.

    ·       To further develop each camper's skills in those areas that you are proficient and that the camp deems valuable - e.g. cooking, swimming, crafts, orienteering.  Use resource staff whenever you feel necessary - e.g. waterfront activities.

    ·       To keep the Counselor Coordinator informed as to the location and nature of your daily program.

    ·       To be punctual and enthusiastic in carrying out the camp routines.

    ·       To be at work on time and ready to start the workday as specified by daily or weekly schedules. 

    ·       To keep an accurate attendance record of all your campers.

    ·       To assist with final clean up tasks after campers have gone home.


    Other Duties

    ·       Day Camp Counselors may be asked to assist in duties not listed above. Sasamat Outdoor Centre expects the support of all staff members fulfilling objectives that may not be specific to this position.



    ·       All staff will be responsible for reading and adhering to the Sasamat Outdoor Centre COVID-19 Health and Safety Plan.

    ·       Staff may be asked to support camp outside of regular day-to-day operations.

    ·       Staff members must be prepared to assist in the safe cleaning/disinfecting of program equipment.

    ·       All efforts will be made to minimize direct contact with campers, other camper groups, and other staff; however in the event of first aid or potential unique scenarios, i.e. a serious behavioural management scenario, staff may be required to interact closely with campers using appropriate PPE (personal Protective Equipment).

    ·       Staff using public transportation will be required to use reasonable judgment and prudence in regards to minimizing transmission points potentially including PPE.

    ·       If at any time a staff member becomes ill or displays any signs/symptoms of illness, said staff member will be required to contact public health at 811 and potentially take a COVID-19 test; dependent on test results said staff member may have to remain away from work for a period of time based on advice of public health. If a staff member is unable take a COVID-19 test, they will be required to self-isolate for a two-week period, after which time if they are symptom free they can return to work.

    ·       All staff will be required to wash their hands before entering any Sasamat Building or interact with any objects other than the outdoor sinks on Sasamat property.

    ·       At no point will staff members share any communal items between each other or campers such as water bottles, hats, masks, etc…

    ·       Should any staff member wish to use the coffee and tea table at Sasamat outdoor Centre, they will be required to use their own re-usable mug/ container and appropriately clean/disinfect all items touched and surfaces used.

    ·       All staff members will adhere to and respect physical distance protocols and procedures at all times at camp.


    Self Care

    • Summer camp is a job like any other, where self-care is extremely important and camp staff are expected to be at work ready for an energy filled day of programs, maintain healthy practices, and balance personal/social lives. This summer, with COVID-19 in consideration, it is extremely important for all staff to be aware and conscious of their out of camp activities, doing what they can to the best of their abilities to minimize the potential for contact points with the virus.



    Specialized Knowledge and Certification

    • Current Standard First Aid and CPR-C
    • Cleared Criminal Record Check
    • Current RCA BC Advanced Solo/Tandem Canoe Certification


    Additional qualifications considered an asset

    ·       Bronze Cross or NLS (Pool, Waterpark or Waterfront)

    ·       Valid Class 4 driver’s license

    ·       Wilderness First Aid

    ·       High Five

    ·       Food Safe



    • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
    • Ability to work independently and exercise initiative
    • Ability to work with a wide variety of ages and demographic groups
    • Ability to take charge and motivate others
    • Ability to observe/assess camper behaviour, enforce safety regulations & emergency procedures, & apply appropriate behaviour-management techniques



    • A background working with children
    • Participation in applicable leadership programs or related experiences
    • A background working in the outdoors



    Working Conditions

    • Requires working in an outdoor environment in all weather conditions
    • May require working with difficult clients
    • May require some weekend work
    • May require close contact with campers using appropriate PPE


    Physical Requirements

    • Physical ability to provide active care, programming and supervision of campers 5 days a week for the duration of summer


    Important Note

    ·       For more information about Sasamat Outdoor Centre, Visit our website:

    ·       Want to apply for a job with us? All staff applications must be through our website here

    We will not respond through any job hosting websites or forums and will only reach out to qualifying applicants who have applied through our website for interviews. Thank you


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