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Camp Signs on a Budget

24 Nov 2017 2:49 PM | Marutt (Administrator)

Whether you’re posting rules for a programming element, warnings about hazards and out-of-bounds areas, or identifying a building, office, path or storage space- the signage needs for your camp are seemingly endless. Signs are an effective way of communicating directions and expectations to your campers and guests. They serve as a reminder to your staff of the safety considerations and best practices for activities.


Camp signs need to stand the test of time and inclement B.C. weather. They need to be legible and read from a distance; resistant to bending and breaking. Purchasing custom made signs may be costly and difficult to alter or adjust. Some more cost-effective methods for DIY sign production include using a router or paint on wood or renting a laser engraver at your local MakerSpace. 

At Ness Lake Bible Camp, near Prince George, BC, it is hard to find a door that isn’t labeled. Over the past few years, Ness Lake has considerably increased their signage around camp and have produced the majority of these signs in-house. Finding an affordable way to produce in-house has streamlined their signage and provides a smoother experience to guests and rental groups. The method they use to make signs is included below.

In-house Sign Making

- Cricut cutting machine (or similar)
- Adhesive vinyl (try asking your local sign shop for roll ends)
- Corrugated plastic


1. Cut plastic sheeting the size of desired sign.

2. Cut Vinyl to the size of Cricut cutting mat. If the mat loses its stickiness you may need to use scotch tape to secure the vinyl to the cutting mat.

3. Use Cricut to cut letters, number and symbols. You will need to use the strongest pressure setting on the cricut to cut through the vinyl.

4. Peel off the paper backing and attach letters to your sign. Start from the middle of the word or phrase to ensure even spacing.

5. Display your sign for the world to see!


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